We are a ‘point of need’ ministry raised and established by Jesus Christ to save souls and meet everyone at the point of their need through ministering Deliverance, Prophesy, Healing and Charity to the needy in order to get man back into the kingdom of God. The Man of God Leslie received Divine instructions, revelations, visions, dreams and prophesies which led to the establishment of Spirit and Word Ministries. ‘God is with us and dwelling in us through His WORD, and His SPIRIT’ MORE


Service Times

Sunday Service 10.00am

Thursdays Service 6.00pm

Kingdom Kids

We teach our kids the word and Impart Kingdom knowledge while having lots of FUN!!! For more info please click here


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Jesus Christ is with us through His Word and His Spirit. For more information click here


Our vision is to be a 'point of need' ministry that saves souls and delivers people from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. We are able to achieve this through preaching, teaching, deliverance, prophesy, healing and charity work to meet a need. Once an immediate need is met, we then empower God's people to worship God in Spirit and in Truth by imparting sound knowledge through in-depth teaching of the word of God to activate and ignite a prosperous and a successful LOVE relationship and fellowship with GOD.

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